Our Series 65 Exam Training Course Has New Content

Series 65

The 44th edition has a new look and content, but the biggest change is that we’re now offering Progress Exams (with Greenlights) for the Series 65. Here’s an overview of the updates:

Study Manual – 15 Chapters, Chapters 1 – 10 of the Series 65 come directly from the Series 66 study manual. Chapters 12-15 has mostly different content from the Series 66. Note the old book (43rd edition) had 16 chapters.

On Demand Lecture – 15 Chapters, all recordings are brand new to the Series 65 exam. Like the study manual, the first 10 chapters are the same as the Series 66. Chapters 12 – 15 are mostly different from the Series 66.

Final Exams – 8 final exams, 140 questions each. Note, the old Series 65 (43rd Edition) had 10 final exams.

Progress Exams – 4 A and B exams, 20 questions each. 2 Greenlight exams, 140 questions each. This is a brand new offering from STC, the old Series 65 did not have Progress Exams or Greenlights

Flashcards – 1,487 unique flashcards. Sorted into the new version of the study manual.

Crunch Time facts – Sorted into the new version of the study manual.

Get ready for your Series 65 exam training!

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